Using Proxies With Scrapebox

This is the blank default start up.
Your first step with proxies goes to the Manage button:

Load proxies from a txt-file on your hard disk using this format:
ip:port or username:password@ip:port in case you got private proxies.

Make sure IP Test is checked before starting. This ensures that proxies are checked for anonymity. Your ip stays anonymous if the IP Test passes. Once you loaded your proxies click on Test Proxies and Scrapebox will go through the list. Only the green ones are the proxies we are looking for. Depending on the amount of proxies you have, this test may take a while.

After the test is done we need to remove all failed proxies by clicking the cleanup option. You end up with the working proxies which can be used for scraping

Send your good proxies to your Main List or save them in a txt file on your hard disk. 

Transfer good proxies to the main list and checked Use Proxies.
Scrapebox will now use our working proxies for all tasks it performs.

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